Adapting to Teach Tough Classrooms

One of my all-time favorite teacher vloggers is Tina from A Cozy Classroom. She has such a sweet spirit and I love watching her videos not only about teaching, but also about her day to day life. She is a mom of two boys and has a beautiful house in Michigan. (I’m really envious of her home and classroom interior design skills.) Check out her videos and subscribe to her channel here!

I am sharing one of my favorite videos from her channel today. (And let me tell you, it was so hard to pick just a few videos that I would consider my true “favorite,” because her content is A+!) This video is about adapting to teach in tough classrooms when you have difficult students, and her advice on how to handle it is just great. She is a veteran teacher of 20+ years with lots of wisdom to dispense! Enjoy!